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Professional Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in Greater Victoria

Suffered a dent or damage due to hail, tree falling, or minor collision? Come to Dentex Paintless Dent Removal Ltd for car restoration - we will repair your car like new. Our team offers professional paintless dent removal in Greater Victoria. 


We have talented auto body technicians who employ specialized tools and years of experience to erase most types of minor body damage and leave no trace behind.

Although we are Greater Victoria's only PDR shop, we are unmatched in keeping our services fast, affordable, effective, and completely environmentally friendly. No paint or body fillers are used in our dent repair service. Stop by, and our team is pleased to offer free estimates on all jobs. We will handle some of your ICBC claims, and almost all of our repairs will be less than your ICBC deductible.

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PDR Services Offered

Is your car damaged? Our trained technicians provide auto body repair services that will get your ride back on the road. Always focused on customer service, we offer both fast and affordable service. As your PDR professionals, we provide:


  • Paintless dent removal

  • Removal of small dents

  • Removal of door dings

  • Removal of hail damage

  • Service for some ICBC claims

  • Free estimates, same-day repairs

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What is Paintless Dent Removal? How Does It Work?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a safe, eco-friendly, proven technique for erasing dents, dings, and damages on the vehicle’s body and restoring the exteriors to pre-damage, like-new condition. It is a highly affordable, time-efficient, and effective method compared to traditional auto body works, which can take weeks to get you in for repair.


The PDR process works in several phases: 


  • Firstly, the technician assesses the damage - the size and depth of the dent. 

  • Then, we determine the best way to access the area, which may require removing trim pieces or inner panels.

  • The next step involves the massaging technique using specialized tools. Gentle massaging pressure is applied to push out the dent’s edges and restore the metal to its smooth shape. 

  • Eventually, the damaged area shrinks in size until the dent disappears. The car’s original paint job remains intact during the process, so there is no need for repainting the surface.

Click here to see how PDR works

Schedule Your Car’s Body Damage Inspection

We work with vehicles of all makes and models and provide upfront estimates with no obligations attached. However, we request our customers to drop by our repair shop in Victoria during open hours to assess their car’s body damage for an on-the-spot free estimate. We don’t charge per dent. Rather our quote depends on the size and depth of each dent to be repaired. Check out our FAQs for more information.

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View Our Gallery Featuring Our PDR Service Results

From minor dings to large dents, we have the tools to handle most paintless dent repair needs while ensuring effective results.

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Discovered a Dent?

A quick paintless dent removal job is all you need to protect your investment and keep your car in pristine shape.

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